Our Thanks to Friends

The Gazette, Sept. 11, 1999

Without the help of others, MAHP wouldn’t have the resources to help families find homes. The following businesses and foundations have provided funding to help us reach families in our town with print and media:.

Fannie Mae Corporation

City State Bank

Commercial Federal


The Maurice Foundation

KMRY Radio

John Maurice

And our thanks,to Firstar, for taking us in and helping us out.

One of these institutions – Firstar Banks – really came through in a most unusual way during our time of need. On May 17 a terrible storm struck Cedar Rapids and left our offices without a roof, and with major structural damage. We found ourselves literally out on the street.

But not for long, Within a few days, thanks to the generosity of Firstar, we were back in operation, working out of offices in the Firstar building in downtown Cedar Rapids.” While we salvaged what we could from the wreckage, our friends at Firstar cleared the way for our arrival, As a result, we didn’t miss a beat.

Mary Schoen-Clark