Receives Forklift Donation


Volume 2, Number 16: July 3rd, 1997

EcoYouth received a much needed forklift from Char and Robert Worley, the owners of Worley Warehousing Inc. Char Worley is a member of the EcoYouth Policy Council and a valuable resource to the program.

On June 19th, Worley Warehouse donated a Nissan 420 lift truck capable of lifting 4,700 pounds. The forklift is propane powered with a 52 horse engine. The lift is a 187 inch triplex with forks. The LP gas runs quieter and cleaner than gasoline and allows for 6 to 9 hours of use before needing to be refueled.

Randy Strauss, maintenance manager, was on hand to give driving lessons to all EcoYouth employees old enough to legally operate the vehicle (18 years of age). He discussed safety and daily maintenance of the forklift while showing EcoYouth employees the main components of the engine. He provided detailed instructions on the forklift’s instruments and their functions. Some employees took turns operating the forklift in the parking lot.

Mr. Strauss focused on safety as he described proper procedures for operation of the forklift, including tips for those working in the area of the forklift. MAHP is preparing a manual that will include rules and guidelines needed to run the forklift safely.

“The forklift acquired from the donation of Char and Robert Worley increases our material handling abilities immensely. We are now able to move around large or heavy objects with ease. Because of this increased efficiency, we expect the amount of materials we divert from the landfill to increase 25%. Thank you Worleys!”said Mike Barnhart, EcoYouth Supervisor.

With Mr. Strauss’ excellent training, EcoYouth employees will be able to maintain a safe working environment for themselves and customers. MAHP thanks the Worleys and Mr. Strauss for their generous donation and commitment to EcoYouth.” Char and Robert Worley’s warehouse support is essential to the survival of EcoYouth.” said Tim Mounts, Outside Supervisor.