MAHP IN A MINUTE June 15, 2005


“if you miss a minute you miss a lot”
Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Mary Schoen-Clark


MAHP is not just about housing, but also of people.
Here are some true Success Stories. The names have been changed to
preserve the privacy of the individuals concerned. A New Resident in the
Brown Apts.
Sandi Smith first came into the MAHP offices on April 7, 2005 looking
desperately for housing in the Cedar Rapids area. She and her two children
had been staying at the Willis Dady Homeless Shelter. She was pregnant
with her third child, and wanting to find a new beginning for herself and
her children. Coming from Illinois, she wanted to escape the poverty,
crime, dilapidated housing, drug dealers, and depressing environment of her
Illinois neighborhood. The family had nothing except the clothes on their
back when they arrived in Iowa. MAHP staff took action on her situation
and before long; she had several local social service agencies helping her
with her FIP, and other urgent needs. MAHP was able to house her the very
next day on April 8, into her new home in the Brown Apartments. MAHP staff
also was able to procure a bed, a baby stroller for her youngest daughter,
as well as food. Sandi was so happy and grateful that MAHP had helped her
to move into a stable, safe, and clean housing environment that she shouted
with delight and excitement as she left MAHP’s front door to begin a new
life here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

A New Resident at Osada Apartments
Jane Jones came into the MAHP office in March hoping to find housing here
in Cedar Rapids. She wanted to move back to Iowa from Arkansas after being
away for many years. She originally lived in Iowa City, and now wanted to
return to her roots in Iowa. Jane suffers from a chronic developmental
disability and receives disability income from Social Security. She also
had a section 8 certificate she wanted to use. She had to return to
Arkansas, so MAHP kept in touch with her by mail in order to keep updated
on her situation. Jane also communicated to MAHP that she also wanted her
daughter Carol and her two grandchildren to relocate back to Cedar Rapids
with her. She did not want to be separated so far from her family. MAHP
went to work on her request and when Jane finally arrived in Cedar Rapids
with her daughter and two grandchildren on April 2005, MAHP was ready for
them. Jane was most interested in the apartments in Osada. On Thursday
afternoon, April 14, 2005, Jane was able to sign a lease to take possession
of her new apartment at Osada. The previous day MAHP was able to house
Jane’s daughter, Carol, and her two children into an apartment in Cedar
Valley. Now Jane can visit her daughter and grandchildren as often as she
wants, since they live in the same town only a few miles away.