Warehouse plans get key support from Coos Bay

KCBY, Mar 26, 2008

Piece by piece it’s coming together, as a proposed new food warehouse becomes more of a reality, thanks to support from the City of Coos Bay.

Last Tuesday, representatives from South Coast Food Share, a program of Oregon Coast Community Action, went before the city council to get their support to sponsor a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant request.

The grant would provide most of the remaining funds for the $1.4 million project, which would build a new food warehouse as part of a larger ORCCA campus on La Clair Street in Coos Bay.

“It’s all beginning to fall into place. This represents one of the final major players in the project. The CDBG process is long, and there are a lot of hoops to go through but that’s to ensure it’s a quality project,” says SCFS Director Rollie Lobsinger.

So far through other grants and community fundraising, they have raised close to $900,000.

Lobsinger says they hope to break ground on the project soon, which is one reason why the commitment from the city was important.

“In order to identify or contract an engineer or contractor, we needed the city to say they would support us, because there are federal funds involved.”

Lobsinger says they plan to apply for the grant very soon and should find out if they receive it within 60 days.