Teens work doesn’t go down the drain, but around it

KCBY, Sep 28, 2010

A days worth of work for area teens doesn’t go down the drain, but around it rather, as they draw attention to the hazards of flushing harmful materials down storm drains.

With paintbrush and chalk in hand, a handful of student volunteers involved in ORCCA’s Community Action Adventure’s Guild Program, spent their Saturday afternoon decorating two storm drains in Coos Bay.

Partnering with several local organizations to take on this Storm Drain Mural Project, Oregon Coast Community Action Representative Madeline Enos, said it’s the kids that are bringing this project to life.

“These designs have been created by local youth and now are going to not only make our city more beautiful but also send a powerful message to the public to protect the bay,” said Enos.

Young artists, Faviola Palomera and Rachel Schaefer say they came up with the salmon design seen at the Pedway Center, and another purple squid mural near the new Visitor Center.  They say they’re not afraid of being bold with color because their message is bold as well.

According to Palomera, “It really stands out and then people notice it more and what we’re trying to get people to notice is that there’s drains here and what goes down the drain, goes into the bay.  So that really catches their attention.”

This is just one of several mural projects completed by Community Action Adventure this year.  Youths interested in learning more about the program can visit, www.orcca.us