Savory food donations from ODFW

KCBY, Jun 8, 2007

The Oregon Food Bank gets a special donation from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, helping the 20 regional food banks put a little variety into their menus.

The South Coast Food Share program distributes Oregon Food Bank supplies to 33 local organizations every two weeks.

This year ODFW donated 50,000 fillets of Chinook and coho salmon to the program, offering food bank patrons across the state a great product they otherwise wouldn’t be eating.

Director of the South Coast Food Share Rollie Lobsinger says, “They were trying to offer something a little different to break up the monotony. I mean there’s a lot of good food here, but we have a lot of dried beans, canned stew, green beans and soup. It sure is nice to give people something a little different once in awhile.”

The Oregon Food Bank makes the initial delivery, and community members and Shutter Creek volunteers unload, sort and distribute the food all in one morning.

Lobsinger says they move about 40,000 pounds of food through the warehouse each distribution, and it wouldn’t be possible without the volunteers.

“We have volunteers from here in the community that come here at 6:30 in the morning, unload the truck from OFB. And then another set of volunteers comes in from the Shutter Creek program and these inmates volunteer to come and help us to break it all down and put it into separate orders.”

Even with generous donations from ODFW, the food share is always looking for more volunteers and donations.