Local non-profit launches new program to assist with emergency needs

KCBY, Oct 23, 2008
Helping vulnerable children, families and seniors get their basics needs met, Oregon Coast Community Action kicks off a new program with the help of local businesses and regional political leaders.The new “Community Action Connect” program was presented to local business owners at the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce IBO luncheon on Wednesday.ORCCA provides many programs to low-income families in need around the South Coast, and is funded largely through grants.However, much of the grant money can’t be used to fund specific things like a hot meal or a hair-cut for someone who needs it, that’s where the new program comes in.”Sometimes there are things that families need right away that we don’t have the resources for. We know this community wants to support those families,” says ORCCA CEO, Mary Schoen-Clark.

The program is focused on neighbors helping neighbors, and ORCCA is hoping that local businesses and individuals can get involved by donating any amount of money they can.

To get involved or donate money call Oregon Coast Community Action at 888-1574.