A dollar equals seven pounds of food

KCBY, Mar 25, 2011

A dollar is all they need to help thousands in need.The South Coast Food Share is asking you to donate a dollar to help move 7,000 pounds of food.The “Can Do Dollars for Food Drive” is going on now until April 3rd.

All throughout the community large aluminum cans are placed inside shops and businesses for you to drop money in.

The money that is collected will go to the South Coast Food Share to help get food out to those in need.

Director of South Coast Food Share, Rollie Lobsinger, says this new idea came about because it is a more convenient way to gather funds.

“This is kind of a new spin on an older idea. We do have some food drive barrels up at some of our sites. But, this year we are really going for your nickles and dimes because as it turns out, that can move an awful lot of food.”

And a lot of people are in need.

26,000 people throughout Coos and Curry County are getting food out of the emergency food system.

If the South Coast Food Share raises only a 1,000 dollars, it equals out to 7,000 pounds of food given out to food banks.

Therefore, if you donate a little, it goes a long way.

“I feel great about this. I like this because it’s something different, it impacts a lot of food, and it’s a great companion for our exiting activities. For our regular food drives, for our virtual food drive.” Lobsinger continues, “so, this is a nice addition to that.”

In addition to these smaller cans being distributed out to more locations, there is now an on line way to donate.

The virtual can-dive is now on ORCCA‘s website,

There you can put your donation amount and drop it into the virtual can.

To donate and find can locations go to www.orcca.com, or head on over to Perry’s Supply or Pony Village Mall.